All orders must be placed by the 16th of November and picked up by the end of business day on the 21st.

Feeds 8-10 people-$170.00                                                            Feeds 4-5 people                                                                                      

Turkey (white meat)                                                                        Herb Roasted Prime Rib                                    

Cranberry Sauce                                                                              Horseradish Sauce             

Dressing                                                                                              Dressing

Turkey Gravy                                                                                      Turkey Gravy

Green Beans                                                                                      Green Beans

Squash Casserole                                                                            Squash Casserole

Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes                                                     Yukon Gold Garlic Mashed

The Baker's Box Rolls                                                                     The Baker's Box Rolls      

1 Apple Pie & 1 Pumpkin Pie                                                        One Bourbon Pecan Pie

Ala Carte Sides

Prime Rib- $22 pound

Roasted Turkey-$15 pound

Apple Pie-$16

Bourbon Pecan Pie-$18.50

Pumpkin Pie-$16

Cranberry Sauce-$12.00 qt

Dressing for 3-4 people-$20

Squash Casserole-$25 (feeds 8-10)

Garlic Mashed Potatoes-$25 (feeds 8-10)

Horseradish Sauce-$10.00 qt

Turkey Gravy-$10.00 qt

Green Beans-$20 (feeds 8-10)

Heating Instructions Included!!!

The Baker's Box